And they're off

July 26, 2005 - Reading time: 2 minutes

The Shuttle Discovery lifted off this morning! There was a really cool view of the launch from the camera mounted on the external tank. The neatest things about that view were the fact that it was so stable, and also the amazing view of the planet dropping away.

I'm at work, so I had to watch the launch on the TV in the break room, which is perpetually tuned to Fox News. That was unfortunate, but they had live coverage of the launch so it worked out well. It was kind of amusing, because they're suddenly excited about space now, so they were really hyping it up and talking about what an amazing thing it was that just happened, and how we're the only country in the world that can do this (apparently Russia and China don't count) and how it's such a shame that people stopped paying attention to space. I'm just going to stop thinking about this before it gets out of hand.

But anyway, yeah ... Discovery is up.