January 3, 2009 - Reading time: ~1 minute

Historical note: that apartment was a craphole and the management company (Finger somethingorother) was a bunch of crooks.

Yep ... again.  I only managed a year and a half at the Park at Armand Bayou, and I'm sick of it.  The appliances suck, the building is settling, the maintenance staff aren't good at their jobs, whenever it's cold outside the place smells like an ashtray because of someone who smokes in another apartment, the parent company is a collection of assholes, and the rent keeps going up.  This is in addition to the minor annoyances (entrance gate, detached garage, no guest parking, etc).  So I'm giving up my 3 mile commute from Pasadena in exchange for a 9 mile commute from the house I'm going to rent in League City.  E-mail behavior will be different this time, because instead of turning off the server and having nothing for a month or so like normally happens, I'm going to offload all of that crap onto a hosting company and pitch the server. is also being offloaded, and I'm going to be much happier.  Woo!  This does mean that the last surviving installation of Peachtree Linux is being turned off, but I doubt if anyone cares.

At any rate, I don't have a move in date yet but it's likely to be around the middle of this month.  Anyone who wants to help me move is welcome to drop by any time :)