Alice in Wonderland

March 9, 2010 - Reading time: ~1 minute

Saw Alice in Wonderland last night.  3D, even.  It was a gorgeous movie; the scenes of Wonderland were visually stunning (the Red Queen's castle was particularly great).  Good enough to forgive some of the CG bloopers (there were a few).  They also made a really good treatment of the story (The what?  Who sees a movie and cares about the story?).  Totally recommended.

I saw it in 3D; in general I think the 3D thing is a bit overhyped and I really don't care much about it, and in the past those things have given me a headache.  In this case it worked though; at some points it seemed like they made things swoop out at the audience just because they could, but in general it was pretty smooth.

Before the movie they had a preview for the NASA Hubble servicing mission movie.  I do want to see the movie and I'm sure it will be very interesting, but the preview was done up like one of those space disaster movies, where "they had one chance for success" and they were making it sound like the lives of everyone on the planet depended on it.  That was sprinkled with a few shots of mundane astronaut activities, like getting into launch suits and stuff.  Maybe it's because I work at NASA and see what goes on with this stuff, I dunno.  I mean I get really excited about these missions, but not "Bruce Willis and a bunch of oilmen" excited.

I'll still go see it.