... and then Nokia fails

April 4, 2010 - Reading time: ~1 minute

Nokia has a push e-mail service that you can hook your personal e-mail account in to; it is a backend for a Blackberry-like service which I find VERY convenient.  Their e-mail application on the phone leaves a little to be desired, but overall it's stable and it works.  The only trouble I've had, since the beginning, is that I can receive e-mail just fine, but sending never worked through their service.  I had always worked around this by either not replying until I got home, or sending MMS messages to e-mail if something was time critical, or using a second e-mail client that worked for sending (but didn't support HTML).  Kind of gross.

Supposedly, the thing that was keeping me from sending e-mail was fixed, so I was fiddling around with that, uninstalling and reinstalling and such trying to get it to work.

The outcome of that (about half an hour of fiddling and cursing) is that I still can't send e-mail, but now all of the e-mails in my inbox between 3/3 and today are gone.  That's a lot of e-mail ... I keep a messy inbox.  I'm very annoyed.