Cell phone: broken

March 21, 2010 - Reading time: ~1 minute

Historical note: I think this was my Nokia N97.

I'm in the process of backing up all of the stuff from my cell phone, so I can erase its contents and send it back to Nokia for repair.  The little sliding "lock the keypad and touchscreen" switch broke off.  Grumble.  I've been getting around it for a couple of weeks; I can unlock the screen by opening and closing the keypad, and then lock it from a menu that comes up when I hit the power button.  It's pretty inconvenient, and given the failure mode of my last Nokia (the little ribbon cable that connects the screen to the body of the phone broke) I feel like I should be careful of how much I open and close the screen.  Is that really the sort of thing I should have to think about in a $600 phone?  Ugh.