New toy, day 2

May 4, 2010 - Reading time: ~1 minute

Still like the netbook.  Still a little annoyed at the lack of bluetooth, but I'll get over it.  It has this face recognition thing for logging in, which seems silly but it works, most of the time.  Not especially quick.  The only real problem I have so far is that the screen and the surround for the screen are very glossy, so if it's at all light outside the reflection makes it very hard to see the screen - you have to turn the brightness all the way up, and even then it's a bit tough.  With CRT monitors, AGAR (anti-glare anti-reflection) was always a big deal, and that was something that LCDs were good at without much effort, so I'm not sure why they would have (apparently intentionally) taken something that is otherwise great for use outdoors and made it almost impossible to use in the sunshine.  Eh.